Immanuel Evangelical Church


Mission Aviation Fellowship

'Each year, MAF provides aviation services to more than 400 mission agencies, churches, and humanitarian organizations around the world. Without MAF, some of these organizations would be unable to reach the people they serve. Through these partnerships, MAF connects isolated people with vital services and goods while sharing the love of Christ in a tangible way.'

Barnabas Aid

'As part of the family of God, Barnabas Aid stands with our Christian brothers and sisters around the world, wherever they suffer discrimination or oppression as a result of their faith. In this way we witness to the love of Christ and build His Kingdom.'

The Joy Foundation

'The Joy Foundation is a Lincolnshire based charity working in the local community, supported by local churches and organisations.
It is an ecumenical charity promoting education, life skills and the Christian faith through word & deed, both in schools & the wider community.'